OM Application Platform Privacy Policy

The OM application platform integrates content browsing, content creation and release, material upload, and release history. The access address is: The users of the OM application platform are designated media content operators. This privacy policy applies to this website and all products and services provided by Huayuncc Technology Ltd.

1. Personally identifiable information

1.1 User
The OM application platform focuses on serving the OLA of China Media Group, and user information is also derived from this. The user may be requested, as needed, name, email address, phone number, department. Users must have a corresponding account before they can access and use our website platform. Users can request to delete their personal information at any time, unless it may prevent them from engaging in certain website-related activities.

1.2 Social media operators
The OM application platform receives personal data from third parties such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Sina Weibo, WeChat official account, and VK to satisfy our legitimate interests in serving customers. We fully comply with their public terms and conditions and trust them to protect social media authors through their strong privacy policies.

The OM application platform collects, uses, processes and stores publicly released information on the social media platforms listed above, such as:

● Name, user name, handle or other identifier;
● The content of the information published through the name, user name, handle or other identifier, including comments, expressions, opinions, posts, etc.;
● Posting or interacting with profile pictures or other pictures or videos;
● We may also use this information to infer other data, such as the sentiment of the post.
Rights of users and social media authors At any time, you can contact the application platform and ask us to:
● Correct personal data
● Provide you with a copy of your personal data Permanently delete any personal or non-personal data we collect and share (such as cookies)
● Reject any use related to marketing

1.3 Non-personally identifiable information
We may collect non-personally identifiable information when users interact with our website. Non-personally identifiable information may include browser name, computer type, and technical information about users connecting to our website, such as operating system and Internet service provider used, and other similar information.

1.4 Web browser cookies
Our website may use "cookies" to enhance the user experience. The user's web browser will place cookies on the hard drive for the purpose of keeping records. Users can choose to set their web browser to reject cookies or to remind you when a cookie is sent. We will only obtain the user's account information for logging into the OM platform. You have the right to contact the application platform and ask us to delete any cookies linked to you and your online activities.

2. Share your personal information

We will not sell, trade, or rent users' personally identifiable information to others. For the above-mentioned purposes, we will not share your data information with any third party.

3. Changes to this privacy policy

The OM application platform has the right to update this privacy policy at any time. We will revise the update date at the bottom of this page. We encourage users to check this page frequently to learn about any changes so that they can keep abreast of how we can help protect the personal information we collect. You confirm and agree that it is your responsibility to review this privacy policy on a regular basis and understand the changes.

4. You accept these terms

By using this website, you signify your acceptance of this policy. If you do not agree with this policy, please do not use our website. Your continued use of this website after posting changes to this policy will be deemed to be your acceptance of these changes.

5. Contact us

Tel: +86 010-68890711




1.1 用户

1.2 社交媒体运营人


● 名称、用户名、句柄或其他标识符;
● 通过该名称、用户名、句柄或其他标识符发布的信息的内容,包括注释、表达式、意见、帖子等;
● 个人资料图片或其他图片或视频张帖或互动;
● 我们也可能使用此信息推断其他数据,如帖子的情绪。
● 纠正个人数据
● 为您提供个人数据的副本·永久删除我们收集和共享的任何个人或非个人数据 (如 cookie)
● 拒绝与市场营销相关的任何使用

1.3 非个人身份信息

1.4 Web 浏览器 cookie
我们的网站可能使用"cookies"来增强用户体验。用户的web 浏览器会将cookie放在硬盘上,以保持记录的目的。用户可以选择将其 web 浏览器设置为拒绝cookie,或在发送cookie时提醒您。我们只会获得用户登录OM平台的账号信息。您有权联系complaint_report@huayuncc.com应用平台并要求我们删除链接到您和您的在线活动的任何cookie。








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